If you want to build an audience online

If you want a content creation strategy to get more customers organically

If you want to be seen as an authority or expert on a subject

Then this is for you.
If you want to build an audience online

If you want a content creation strategy to get more customers organically

If you want to be seen as an authority or expert on a subject

Then this is for you.
Buying ads to grow your company doesn’t always work the way you want
Other companies who have used
this service
I’ve worked with and helped develop online strategies for many of the biggest brands out there: from 6 Pack Shortcuts, Discovery Digital network, Click Funnels, Epic Meal Time, and many more.

And I’ve used these same strategies to get myself a large following across my own brands.

Psychology Hacker 140K Followers on Facebook, 56K on Youtube
Nights At The game Table 11,000 Followers on Facebook, 25K on Youtube

I’ve built my own brands in a way that they generate me a significant income over $1,000,000 a year even though they I don't have a million followers.
Adam Lyons:

I was gifted this plaque from Click Funnels to celebrate the fact that one of my brands made over $1,000,000 in one year.
This is why being the best kept secret sucks! 
(And what to do about it)
I was a frustrated Dating Coach.

Amongst my friends, everyone knew if you had a dating problem, I was the person you went to.

I was so obsessed with understanding dating that I spent all my time studying and practicing the subject.

It didn’t take long before everyone in my social circle could see that I was an expert at this area of life.

The problem was, no-one else knew.

So I was stuck earning $250 a week from the few clients I could find through word of mouth.

It wasn’t enough to grow, but it was enough to make me realize there was potential.

I just didn’t know what to do to build it further.
Buying ads to grow your company 
I started messing with Online Ads to try to get clients.

I read the books, watched the videos online.

However, I failed to read the fine print.

This caused a HUGE problem for me.

You see when you talk about dating, you often talk about the subject of sex.

Which normally isn’t a problem, unless you’re dealing with search engines, who believe you’re an adult site.

This lead to my ads being shut down, and my account being disabled.

I hadn’t even made a single sale, and it looked like this was the end of my marketing career.

That’s when a friend suggested that I try Youtube.

So I would upload a video once a week hoping to get some following.

I couldn’t believe how well it worked.

I upload a video and a few weeks later it had 1000 views!

Better yet some of these people would download my ebooks, and I was getting clients.

But it wasn’t enough.

I was seeing people online get hundreds of thousands, even millions of views.

I realized I had to do something better.

So I reached out to some of the early Youtubers.

Specifically the team behind Rocketjump and Corridor Digital. Who are famous for making multiple viral videos online.

These guys took me under their wing, and I learned the secrets of building an online audience organically.

My audience started to grow at a rate I’d never seen before and it didn’t take long before I had videos with 10’s of thousands of views coming in, and my income started to rise

What really stood out to me about it however, was that their model might be great to get a huge audience.

The videos that had the biggest views, weren’t the ones that were making me the most money.

But there was something behind what they taught me.

I realized I needed to merge what they taught with what I knew about marketing and business.

It wasn’t about building a big audience, it was about building the RIGHT audience, and getting customers from it.

That’s when I hit on the idea of Content Creation Blueprint.

I created a simple format that breaks down the elements that naturally cause an organic audience to grow.

Then I combined that with simple sales strategies to get that audience to turn into leads for customers for a business.

This strategy became so refined and worked so well that I could teach it to other companies, and people wanted me to teach it to them.

So I created a method to share it with people

Something I call the Content Creation Intensive

 What you get when you join the Content Creation Intensive
When you join the content creation intensive

You get access to a detailed Content Creation Blueprint created specifically for your own brand so that you can have a clear strategy to create regular content that your audience actually wants, that funnels them into becoming customers for your business or service


The content system is so easy to follow that you could do this multiple times, for your own brand or even as a way to test alternate businesses or brands that you want to build with an inexpensive and fun method!

In fact it’s the ultimate side hustle

As you can build an organic online audience in your spare time as a bit of extra income on the side for doing something you love.

Here are some RESULTS
From the students of this program
You’ve seen the power of influencers everywhere trying to use their audience to beg for freebies from companies.

And many of them are given those free products.

However when you KNOW how to build an audience and monetize it, you don’t need to beg for freebies.

Here are some of examples from our students of this course:
Sean Sessel
James Jefferson
Farhad Irani
Wilson Smith
This is how to get 
the content creation intensive
I normally teach this program to my private clients in a single weekend.

However we found that most people need more time to consume the information.

With the Content Creation Intensive we decided to make it a fraction of a weekend with me, and deliver it over 90 days.

That way you have all the time to learn and by us offering it as a group workshop over 3 months we got the price down to around the same as a nice 7 day vacation.

This seems like an easy trade to me.

Give up 1 vacation this year, and trade it for the ability to build an organic following online that you can monetize to grow your income or business.

However with this heavily discounted price we run the risk of having too many people sign up and compromising the quality of the training.

So we decided to offer an application process where we can assess your brand or idea.

We figured this is the best way to work out whether we are the right fit for your project.

The best part is you can sign up whether you’re a beginner and haven’t even started your business yet, or if you already have a well established brand.
We will give you all the equipment you need 
In fact, to make it a no brainer.

If you’re accepted into the program via the application below we even send you a gift containing all the technician equipment you will need*
*(As long as you have a smartphone)

We’ll send you a pro microphone, tripod and ring light so you’re good to go as soon as you’re approved. That way you have zero excuses to start creating content immediately...we set you up for success. 
The No risk
No cost start to creating epic content
Look, I know these decisions can be stressful, so we made it easy for you.

There is no obligation to purchase anything on the call.

We will just assess your business, brand or idea and then explain the program in full to you.

Then we will discuss to see if this makes sense for both of us to continue.

Then If you’re selected and get on the program you can rest easy knowing your small investment will come back to you time and time again, from the new customers and leads you will get from your new online audience.
This offer won't last long
We don’t know how long we’ll be running this program before we go back to offering it only to our private corporate clients.

Don’t make the mistake of bookmarking this page hoping to come back later.

Because once we fill up the spots on the programs we’re currently offering. We’re taking this down.
Fill in the application form below to apply to start the content creation intensive
This is your ONE chance to download everything from my brain on content creation marketing and strategy and learn how I keep building my audiences the way I do as fast as I do.

So fill in the form below and see if you qualify to join our program.
costly, hard and painful
If you don’t do this today, you can guarantee one thing: you will just keep getting what you’re currently getting.

And if you’re reading this page, it’s probably not taking you where you want to go.

It’s a free consultation with no pressure to buy: either this is right for you, or it isn’t.

Either way you lose nothing by filling in the application.

But it’s an opportunity you WON’T get if you don’t fill in the form.

Don’t miss out! Fill in the form!

Hi! I am Eve Lyons
I am in charge of the student enrollment for our programs. 

I just wanted to remind you again:

You will learn how to build an audience, create engaging content that converts viewers into clients, over the next 90 days.

And you gain all the knowledge of how to create beautiful scenes, simple cinematography and all the equipment you need to get started as long as you have a smart phone with a descent camera.

And it costs nothing to apply to join.

But only if you act now

So fill in this form.
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